On days when I'm doing work, where my focus is not on being creative but doing graphic updates, I love to listen to podcasts. Some of my favorites are: RadiolabIsrael StoryReply AllThis American LifeRevisionist History

And my latest favorite episodes to listen to:

This American Life: Are We There Yet? 57,000 refugees are stuck in Greece, making homes in some surprising locations. We hear what that’s really like.

Radiolab: From Tree to Shining Tree A forest can feel like a place of great stillness and quiet. But if you dig little deeper, there's a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city as a city at rush hour.

Israel Story: Birth Story An israeli couple flies to Nepal to pick up their three babies from two surrogate mothers and discover that the transaction is not as straightforward as it seems.

Israel Story: Love Syndrome A family full of love

Enjoy listening!

Johanna FriedmanComment